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AurisMade owner Marisa Sarto. White female with short dirty blonde hair and freckles

I’m Marisa Sarto, the creative soul behind AurisMade Design. Every piece is designed and handcrafted by me in Los Angeles, California. With the combination of the quarantined year and a lack of work; I was drawn into the Polymer clay world as a creative refuge. 

AurisMade is a combination of everything I've worked towards. The inspiration for my work came from the “auris,” which means “the ear” in Latin. “EarMade” is who I am, and what I create. So much of my life has been impacted simply by my ears due to my hearing loss. I can talk a lot about the negative behind my ears but this shop is a way to celebrate them, by decorating your ears with my one of a kind statement earrings that will have you feeling like a Queen!

You can read more about Marisa published in Shoutout LA

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